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Jumping Elephants is a small, but mighty, consulting group located in the heart of Canada’s capital.

Specializing in user centered solutions design and business process management, we strive to help you solve your biggest business challenges while ensuring that your end products can be used by your users, make their lives easier and more pleasurable and make you look fantastic!

What do Jumping Elephants do?

We do everything we can to make sure that you get the right help,when you need it…

…and that you come out with a solid solution to what can seem like an impossible problem. We have an arsenal of skill sets and tools to help us get you there, but our primary focus is Business Process Management and User Experience Design.

“What’s that?” you might ask. We’re so glad you asked!

Business Process Management

Have you ever felt like your business processes just aren’t working as well as they should? Do things seem to take forever? Are customers complaining?

It might be time to look at updating your business systems and Business Process Management will help.

User Experience Design

Everything you do comes down to your user.

You might make products or services for paying customers or as a public service. You could be building products to help your team members communicate and share more. No matter what you do, the success of your labour will come from whether or not your end users like what you give them. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about looking at user experience design.


Who are Jumping Elephants?

jp Simbandumwe

jp Simbandumwe

Co-Founder, Senior Information Architect, User Experience Lead
Alasdair Stuart-Bell

Alasdair Stuart-Bell

Co-Founder, Senior Information Architect, User Experience Lead
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