Social Media Insights

“Using data to understand users and guide engagement.”


What are Social Media Insights?


Social media insights combines leading social media monitoring technology with professional services to deliver deep insights about your target audiences.

Jumping Elephants uses IBM Watson, Cision, and Sysomos Map and Scout to access to 1.5 billion data points from blogs, video, forums, tweets, and non-public data like facebook posts in private groups.

We offer unmatched data and analysis to help you better understand user needs, behaviour and requirements. They can also be combined with other analytics data (web stats, call centre data, market research analysis, etc.) to further refine what you already know. 

Why use Social Media Insights?



  • Optimize communications and program activities. 
  • Define relevant content, terms and topics. 
  • Access real-time and historical date to gauge issues, sentiment and volumes.
  • Guide decision making with evidence and analysis across multiple channels. 
  • Explore key topics and audiences through unlimited, ad-hoc research.
  • Identify and engage key influencers.
  • Simplify and coordinate channel reporting. 

What can Social Media Insights do?


Social media insights brings you detailed research and analysis about your audiences, who they are, what they are saying, where conversations are happening and the overall sentiment about you or your service. The insights are used to help guide decisions about where and how to better invest communication and program resources.


Social Media Insights identify:

  • Audience demographics;
  • Tasks, conversations, goals and terms;
  • Barriers and challenges;
  • Where conversations are happening and which channels are most important;
  • Recommendations about how to respond to and work with key audiences.

What other UX research services do we offer?

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