Business Process Management

Business process management (BPM) is just a fancy way of saying “spend less to deliver better service by figuring out how to work smarter and faster”, encouraging continuos effort to change as the environment and market demands.

The Jumping Elephants team approaches each business process challenge like an exciting new adventure in systems design. We work diligently to uncover the deepest problems and organizational strengths.

We build new solutions to ensure your new processes work and you avoid dangerous missteps that can cost you precious time and money.


Jumping Elephants’ BPM Methodology



›      Analysis – Evaluating and documenting the business case, including understanding core business requirements and the potential return on investment. Understanding the problem, the constraints and the objectives

›      Planning and scoping – Defining project scope, resource and tools requirements and developing a release schedule that is in line with organization’s specific capacity.

›      Designing, building and testing – This stage is the core of each system design,where our team comes together to build solutions from the ground up. From draft deliverables to end product that are tested until it is perfect, the team and client work to ensure that the new design is perfect for the organization and users.

›      Managing and optimization – The team works with the client to use application metrics and reporting data to fine-tune the application, user interfaces and operating processes in an iterative manner; continuing the optimization processes long past the moment when the final piece of code goes live.

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