You may have seen our early 20th century style jumping elephant at UXCamp this year. Maybe you saw it on a holiday card last year. Maybe you saw one on a colleague’s desk or hanging on jp or Sam’s wall. No matter where you saw it, you might have wondered, “Why is it such a different design from the standard Jumping Elephants fare? What does the jumping elephant have to do with possibilities”?

About the design

The design was a creation for our holiday cards last year. Anthony Whalen and the team at did a marvellous job of executing jp’s vision for a bold graphical representation of the company. He wanted something that communicated our tagline, while taking from famous artistic styles. Something that people would want to hang on the wall or feature on their desk for a while.

Because our tagline is “anything is possible”, it seemed fitting that we take from the agitprop style of design. It was bold, but simple. The design drew focus to the message, was memorable and communicated an element of fun.

The Jumping Elephants

This was the end result and we loved it so much, we’ve decided to continue using it until the end of the year.

About the tagline

The Jumping Elephants tagline is “Anything is possible.”

“Why,” you may ask.

Well, everyone knows that elephants can’t jump.

Some say it’s because they are afraid of heights, others say they are physically incapable of jumping, but we believe it comes down to a lack of time and resources to find, learn and use the right tools.

Doesn’t that just sound like something that happens to organisations too?

We adopted the name Jumping Elephants as a reflection of our vision that with the right mix of team, expertise, confidence and motivation (and maybe a little imagination), even the most apprehensive, long anchored and enormous organizations can do amazing things.

Because Anything is Possible.

And there you have it.

We hope you enjoy the design. If you weren’t able to get your hands on a postcard at UXCamp this weekend or want a poster of your own get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to sort something out.