We have been helping clients to do amazing things – and sometimes for free!!

At the end of 2013 and into 2014 Jumping Elephants had the opportunity to work on two excellent projects for not-for-profit organizations. Since we believe in giving back to our community we volunteered our time for both of these projects. As you will see, the results were no less valuable or rewarding.

SOS Children’s Villages with OPIN

The first, was a redesign project with SOS Children’s Villages Canada in partnership with OPIN of Ottawa. The project involved the redesign of the site structure and interface of the existing SOS Children’s Villages of Canada website, with specific focus on increasing donations, increasing visual appeal and decreasing navigational clutter. Alasdair worked closely with the OPIN team to restructure the website so that information was more findable and useful and to ensure that every valued SOS supporter could find the right information when and where they needed it.

A screen capture of the SOS Children's Villages website before redesign

The SOS Children’s Villages Canada Website before redesign

A screen capture of the SOS Children's Villages website after redesign

The newly designed SOS Children’s Villages website

OPIN won silver in two categories in this year’s Summit Creative Awards and we are so gosh darned proud of them!

Way to go guys!!

Transforming Maycourt.org

Also recently launched was the transformed May Court Club of Ottawa website. Originally a static website built on a foundation of rose that required considerable time and effort to update and improve, Jumping Elephants supported the transition of the Ottawa volunteer organization’s website to a simpler, sleeker CMS based channel.

A screen capture of the The May Court Club of Ottawa's website before being redesigned

The May Court Club of Ottawa’s website before redesign


A screen capture of the newly redesigned May Court Club of Ottawa's website

The May Court Club of Ottawa’s website after redesign

The website isn’t just easier for potential volunteers and supporters to find the information they need, it has also become easier for the volunteers who manage the site to post new information, current news and events and spend their time working on new programs and events, where they would have previously spent building out each new page from scratch.

We are incredibly proud to have been part of this worthwhile project and can’t wait to see what it enables The May Court Club of Ottawa to do next.


The beautiful image of an Elephant and it’s peanuts was created by the very talented Anthony Whalen at Marsworks