Jumping Elephants is sponsoring Ottawa’s very first GovJam!


And we couldn’t be more excited!

A two day event dedicated to designing solutions to very public problems, Ottawa’s very first GovJam will bring people together from many backgrounds, interests and disciplines including public service, design and research to solve big problems faced by governments of all levels.

GovJam is an action oriented event, dedicated to giving attendees the tools to think differently about how they approach very human problems. Focusing on action over details, attendees will be encouraged to actively talk to the people who might be facing the problems they are trying to solve, prompted to put pen to paper and build, without constraints of rules, regulations or what’s happened in the past.

With eyes on a final, tangible result in only 48 hours, it will be an absolute delight to see what all the Ottawa GovJam teams can do with the right encouragement, tools and guidance along the way.

Naturally Jumping Elephants couldn’t help but support something like this.

Ottawa GovJam will be held June 4th and 5th at the University of Ottawa’s Social Sciences building (The University of Ottawa, Faculty of social science, 120 University, 5th FL, RM FSS  5028 map). Doors open at 8:30 am Wednesday, June 5th and we expect that these two amazing days of problem solving and design will be a wonderful opportunity for attendees and exciting innovations in the public solutions space.

The Jumping Elephants will be there and we look forward to seeing you there too!

For more information about Ottawa GovJam or to get tickets to this two day event, please visit the website at ottawagovjam.ca or follow Ottawa GovJam on Twitter.