CanUX 2016 was a great success! The Jumping Elephants team returned to the Museum of Civilization on November 12th -13th as a platinum supporter of the event yet again!

CanUX is Canada’s longest running and largest annual UX event, packed with incredible speakers from all over the world to bring the UX community together right here in Canada’s capital. The insightful weekend yielded speakers from various disciplines and areas of expertise, fueling our ever-so-curious brains with inspiration and excitement.

This year’s speaker line-up was one of the best one’s yet! MC Rob Woodbridge never fails to keep us laughing between talks from BloomBoard’s Stephen Anderson, Automato’s Simone Rebaudengo, Twig+Fish’s Meena Kothandaraman on Saturday, as well as Boon Sheridan, Soshal’s Dave Hale, Optimal Workshop’s Andrew Mayfield, Cooper’s Alan Cooper, and the founding father of Information Architechture, Peter Morville on Sunday!

Jumping Elephants had a wonderful booth set up to promote eye tracking, our latest addition to the many services we offer. We had a demo set-up with a fun game called “Find the Panda” (similar to “Where’s Waldo”), where people had the opportunity to play the game and could see their eye tracking results immediately afterwards.

If you are interested in learning more about our Eye Tracking services, click here!

We can’t wait for next year’s event, as it seems to get better and better each year!

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