International Experience Canada’s (IEC’s) web application and renewed business process management system featured at GTEC 2013.

The task was to build an online system for a government program that is subject to stringent bureaucratic regulations, but that has subscription numbers and rates equivalent to selling tickets for several big stadium rock concerts.
The International Experience Canada (IEC) team responded to this classic business process management (BPM) challenge by using Adobe’s LiveCycle to build a system called “Kompass” – which they then deployed to 16 countries around the world.

In the session, the project team discussed how they achieved some spectacular results including an 870% increase in productivity. They also revealed the challenges encountered and the hard lessons learned.

Jumping Elephants was and continues to be instrumental in the success of this project by providing the following services:
1. Project Management
2. Business process mapping and documentation
3. Requirements and use case documentation
4. Application interface design (for external and internal users)
5. Functionality, regression and stress/load testing design and implementation
6. Case processing agent training and and support

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