New name, same great UX event.

The Jumping Elephants team is thrilled to be be returning to the Museum of Canadian History, November 7-8th as a platinum supporter of CanUX (formerly UX Camp), Canada’s largest and longest running UX conference.

CanUX is an awesome opportunity for UX’perts and professionals, from all walks of life, to meet and talk about how we can all work together to build products and create services that people actually enjoy using.

We’re looking forward to an exciting, insightful weekend full of captivating presentations from one of the best line-ups yet; full of international design celebrity and up and coming, equally  amazing, local speakers. The always amazing Rob Woodbridge will be MCing between talks from UX design thought leaders including Aaron Draplin, Jawbone’s Peter Merholz and NASA’s Steve Hillenius, as well as Ottawa locals like Jarred Szabadi from Gymtrack and Capra’s Kat Kavanaugh.

The Jumping Elephants will have a booth set up and we are the exclusive corporate sponsors for what promises to be an awesome afterparty on Saturday, so please, come by and chat! We can’t wait to talk about this amazing weekend and all it has to offer.

See you there!
For more information about UXCamp Ottawa or UXCamp Ottawa sponsorship, please visit the website at