Part Time Operations Coordinator and Wordsmith

Have you always been interested in making businesses run smoothly?

Do you have a knack for being able to communicate a story just right?

We’re looking for a talented, energetic and positive operations coordinator and wordsmith to help our team keep things running smoothly.


Job Description

As an operational coordinator and wordsmith you will be responsible for supporting the operational needs of the Jumping Elephant’s team and business. You will be not only responsible for day today business administration, but also team and business support tasks such as scheduling, information management, reporting and company communications. All this to help the company run smoothly and looking fantastic!

As the newest member of the Jumping Elephants team you would be helping us with:

  • Executive assistance (scheduling, project management support, occasional communications)
  • On-boarding and training of new Jumping Elephants team members
  • Email and technology administration and management
  • Creating and distribution new training and policy materials
  • Supplies/software management
  • Information management
  • Business communications and promotions development and management including sending Emails, updating and managing the Website and contributing to and conversing using Social media
  • Research (all kinds of wonderful research, not only for the administration of the business, but in the field of work we do)
  • Materials and suppliers sourcing and management
  • Regular internal communications
  • Scheduling and managing team events/meetings/etc…
  • Meeting notes capturing, revising and communicating


A few things we’d need you to be skilled at:

  • Working independently (we’re a remote team and don’t have an office)
  • Playing well with others and working effectively in teams
  • Being committed to quality with an attention for detail
  • Writing and communicating beautifully, professionally and clearly speaking at least a little French (bonjour!)
  • Using Microsoft Office tools (specifically having an advanced understanding of Microsoft outlook and excel)
  • Using the web to find the right answer to almost any question
  • Using technology and the internet
  • Writing for the web and social networks
  • Reporting
  • Time tracking and using time tracking tools


You might be our ideal operational coordinator and wordsmith if:

  • You have at least 1 year experience working in a similar role as an administrative, operations or office assistant or coordinator.
  • You can work remotely, have your own computer, access to internet and phone.
  • You feel you can complete the job, even if you’re not in an office
  • You are looking for a full time role full and are available to work 40 hours a week
  • You are super keen to learn, explore and grow with us



  • Varies with experience level


If you’re interested, please send a nice email to info at with:

  • A summary of why you think you would be great as the very first Jumping Elephants operational coordinator and wordsmith
  • The link to your linkedin profile
  • A link to an example of something you’ve written
  • One reference from a company where you worked in a similar role
  • The answer to the following questions:
    • What is the Jumping Elephants tagline?
    • You have just realized one of our SR team members is supposed to be at two meetings in 30 minutes. What do you do?
    • Find the answer to the following question: How far is it to the Norton Country Store from the university attended by the Jumping Elephant’s user experience designer?


We can’t wait to meet you!

About Jumping Elephants

Jumping Elephants is a small, but mighty, consulting group located in the heart of Canada’s capital.

Specializing in user centered solutions design and business process management, we strive to help businesses solve their biggest challenges while ensuring that their end products can be easily used.

Jumping Elephants offers services for the private, public and not for profit sectors that will help our clients along the way to design the best solution for their particular, unique and complex problem. We specialize in user centered design approaches to problems that help our clients produce best in class, award-winning solutions.