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A Jumping Elephant’s holiday story

While looking for inspiration for this year’s Jumping Elephant’s holiday card, jp happened across the work of Jara López Redondo. Inspired by her beautiful Art Nouveau illustration style, jp asked if she would design a card to help us celebrate the 2013 holidays with our clients and friends.

Jara was enthusiastic about the project and once she heard about the “Jumping Elephants” offered up a fanciful story about a jumping elephant, a girl and a star to inspire her design.

We’d like to thank Jara for her beautiful work, the story and the opportunity to bring you a happy moment, this holiday season.

Here is the story that inspired the design. Happy holidays everyone and a wonderful new year!

An image of the cover of the 2013 Jumping Elephants' holiday card


One crisp, clear, wintery night, a very brave and curious girl looked up to the skies and whispered to her friend the elephant.

“I believe that we can reach a star, bring it down to earth and things will be better.”

You see, that brave and curious girl lived in a place where things were difficult. Many people worked on very important projects, but talked little about what they were doing. The work they did duplicated and multiplied and filled many large safes. Enormous amounts of valuable, expert information was produced, but no one could find it to use it. To make matters worse, it often took a very long time to get things done in this world because there were many rules, and everything was done by hand.

But the girl had an idea.

She knew that stars were filled with magic in this place. Magic that could unite divided opinions, processes and people. Magic that everyone could see, understand and share.

With her friend the elephant, the girl looked up into the dark of the night sky and found the largest, brightest star. “That one!” she exclaimed, showing her large friend what she meant.

The girl’s star was a vision of a united placewhere everyone worked together andwhere information was always available and accurate

The elephant believed in the girl. He saw her vision up there in the sky.

So the elephant and the girl began working on a plan to get to the star. They thought about wishing for it, about flying a rocket ship to it, but because of the elephants powerful legs, long elegant trunk and wing like silken ears, they decided that the best option would be to try to jump.

At first, the jump was a little too low, then a little to the right, but with the guidance of the girl, the elephant jumped a little bit higher and stretched a little bit longer and reached the star.

When the elephant returned to the earth, the girl jumped for joy and hugged his thick soft neck. He handed her the beautiful, shining star and they walked together, back into a world they knew they were about to make a whole lot better.


We here at Jumping Elephants would like to thank you all for a wonderful year and wish you the very best over the holidays and into the new year.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


PS. Do you love the card as much as we do, but didn’t find one in the mail? Get in touch and we’ll send one over as soon as possible!